• City of Perth Cultural Collections acquisition.

    City of Perth Cultural Collections acquisition.

    My painting Haze recently became apart of the City of Perth Cultural Collections.

  • St.John of God Health Care Art Collection Acquisition

    St.John of God Health Care Art Collection Acquisition

    My painting Paranoia was recently acquired by the St.John of God Health Care Art Collection.

  • Loveliest tints of Azure

    Loveliest tints of Azure

    My painting Loveliest tints of Azure recently became part of the City of Swans art collection.

  • Shire of Mundaring Acquisition

    Shire of Mundaring Acquisition

    My drawing Land was recently acquired by the Shire of Mundaring.

  • University of WA Acquisition

    University of WA Acquisition

    My painting Plan was recently acquired by the University of WA (UWA).

  • Murals


    This year I've increased the focus on murals as one of my main artistic disciplines. I've painted walls for the Town of East Fremantle, City of Vincent, City of South Perth and Shire of Dandaragan.

  • John Stringer Prize

    John Stringer Prize

    I was awarded this years John Stringer Prize for my oil painting Range. Thanks to the Collectors Club of Western Australia, John Curtin Gallery, The Kerry Stokes collection and curator Kate Alida Mullen.

    The oil painting Range explores the human impact on the natural environment during the anthropocene, the proposed epoch steaming from the Industrial Revolution marked by great change to the Earths geology and ecosystems.

    The setting for Range is the 1866 painting of Wannon Falls in Victoria by Russian artist Nicholas Chevallier. A boat of rescue workers are paddling towards a boat of hi vi’s wearing workers situated at the base of the waterfall. The imagery is taken from Cyclone Tasha which was a primary cause of the Brisbane floods from 2010-2011. Climate changes encompasses a number of consequences including extreme weather events resulting from a rise in temperature. The marks used to depict the rescue workers are characterised by a busyness to suggest a sense of motion, in contrast to the workers ahead who appear calm and oblivious to the fire rising from the boat. Positioned between the two boats is a giant mega fauna goanna called a Megalania and two 18th century British red coat soldiers. Their placement is symbolic and acknowledges the history of global warming, which has occurred both naturally and through human impact.

    The workers are about to be engulfed by the waterfall, like the Megalania which went extinct during the Pleistocene period as a result of both environmental changes and human hunting. The two solders contemplating the workers fate, reference the Industrial Revolution, which started in 1760, with the new manufacturing processes resulting from the burning of fossil fuels being the point of origin for the significant spike of CO2 levels into the atmosphere. The force of the water from the waterfall would keep the various mine and rescue workers in a state of limbo, never quite reaching each other, asking the question of how much human impact is sustainable while also acknowledging the past periods of natural warming and cooling of the landscape which have occurred during past epochs.

    The patches of colour spread across the composition are derived from a weather forecast map.Combined with the blurring and softening of paint a dream like space that slips in-between real and imagined is created, encouraging the audience to understand the significant role that time plays in understanding this framing of the landscape.

    Image courtesy of the John Curtin Gallery.

  • Midland Junction Art Centre residency

    Midland Junction Art Centre residency

    I recently completed a three month long residency at the Midland Junction Art Centre. The residency centred upon paintings and drawings which explored the human impact on the natural environment during the anthropocene, the proposed epoch steaming from the Industrial Revolution marked by great change to the Earths geology and ecosystems. Aesthetically I've being trying to increase the role of colour in my paintings, shifting away from an analogous colour scheme. The colour schemes have derived from imagery which conceptually relates to the shifting landscape resulting from global warming, such as weather chart graphics.

  • Guildford Grammar School Commission

    Guildford Grammar School Commission

    I was recently commissioned by the P & C department at Guildford Grammar School to complete a large painting that responded to one of the subjects taught at the school.

  • Edith Cowan University Acquisition

    Edith Cowan University Acquisition

    A detail shot of my painting We're going to need a bigger boat that was recent;y acquired by ECU for their collection.

  • Shire of Dandaragan

    Shire of Dandaragan

    My painting Turbo Theater from my 2016 solo show Abando at The Butcher Shop in Northbridge is now in the Shire of Dandaragan Art Collection.

    Turbo Theater
    Oil on Canvas
    45 x 58 cm

  • City of Joondalup

    City of Joondalup

    My drawing Markers and painting Territory won the 2017 Joondalup Community Invitation Art Award for Excellence and Overall acquisitive award.

  • PICA Residency

    PICA Residency

    I had a six week residency at PICA in the middle of 2017, it was beneficial receiving feedback on my work from a new audience. The residency culminated in an artist talk.

  • Nedlands Emerge Youth Art

    Nedlands Emerge Youth Art

    My painting Dazzle won the 2017 Emerge: Nedlands Youth Art Awards.

    Oil on canvas
    49 x 64 cm

  • Fine Arts at Hale

    Fine Arts at Hale

    My painting GWS won the 2017 Fine Art at Hale: 25th Anniversary Prize.

    Oil on canvas
    64 x 86 cm

  • Curtin University Residency

    Curtin University Residency

    I had a four month residency at Curtin University earlier in the year, it was great to be making work in a communal studio environment again.

  • Bunbury Bienalle

    Bunbury Bienalle

    My painting Tawny was acquired by the Bunbury Regional Gallery, the work was exhibited during the 2017 Bunbury Biennale.

    Tawny (Details)
    Oil on Canvas
    120 x 148 cm.

  • Heysen prize for landscape

    Heysen prize for landscape

    My painting Gantheaume Point was selected for the Heysen Prize for Landscape held at the Hahndorf Academy in South Australia.

  • Ghost Fishers Art Award

    Ghost Fishers Art Award

    My work The Rare Albino Land Shark was selected for the Ghost Fishers Art Prize held at the Campbelltown Art Center in NSW from October to December 2016.

  • Town of Claremont Art Awards

    Town of Claremont Art Awards

    My painting Laser received a highly commended at the 2016 Town of Claremont Art Awards.

  • City of Busselton Art Award

    City of Busselton Art Award

    My painting Roof-Lizard received a High Commended at the 2016 City of Busselton Art Award.

  • Hale Art School Collection

    Hale Art School Collection

    My painting Mosaic is now in the Hale School Collection.

    Mosaic, 2016. Oil on canvas. 30 x 30 cm.

  • Albany Art Award

    Albany Art Award

    My painting Klix Klex was selected for the 2015 Albany Art Award at the Vancover Arts Centre.


  • Bunbury Biennale

    Bunbury Biennale

    My painting Seeking the Umbrella was selected for the 2015 Bunbury Bienalle. The catalog for the show can be accessed here http://www.brag.org.au/component/phocadownload/category/1-bunbury-regional-art-galleries.html?download=24:bunbury-biennale-2015-catalogue

  • Art Angels purchase

    Art Angels purchase

    My painting Leisure Island was purchased by the Turner Galleries Art Angels.

  • Tyrant Lizard King, PS Art Space, Fremantle

    Tyrant Lizard King, PS Art Space, Fremantle

    My second solo show Tyrant Lizard King occurred in June 2015 at PS Art Space in Fremantle. The show explored painting as a means of recounting my experience with Spreepark, a deserted theme park in Berlin. Outsiders in biohazard suits, giant swans, fallen dinosaurs and motor vehicle in the form of a giant head are used to explore the fractured experience of contemporary tourist travel and our removal of first hand experiences.

  • Linden Postcard Show

    Linden Postcard Show

    My painting Removal was awarded third place in the 2014 Linden Postcard show held at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Art in St Kilda, Melbourne.


  • Looking through the Image, Emerge Art Space

    Looking through the Image, Emerge Art Space

    My first solo show ‘Looking through the Image’ opened on Wednesday the 24th of July 2013 at Emerge Art Space in Inglewood. The show runs until Wednesday the 23rd of August.


  • Curtin University Art Collection

    Curtin University Art Collection

    My painting Ammonia is now part of the Curtin University Art Collection.

    Ammonia, 2013. Oil on canvas, 36 x 42 cm.

  • National Campus Art Award

    National Campus Art Award

    My painting Spectators won the 2013 National Campus Art Prize, held at Nexus Gallery in Adelaide.