Paintings > 2017

Oil on linen
100 x 170 cm

City of Joondalup Collection, winner of the City of Joondalup Community Invitation Art Award Overall Acquisitive Award.

For the 2017 Joondalup Community Invitation Art Award Martyn uses collage to brings together photographs sourced from the Joondalup archives and photographs he has taken himself around Lake Joondalup. Through a number of devices, such as using the same palette as the 1970s corridor plan, isolating aspects of chosen motifs and the slippage between figuration and expressionism more otherworldly landscapes are created.
These more ambiguous representations of the landscape encourage dialogue to be created concerning a number of issues, most notably the speed in which the landscape has changed since white settlement, ideas of value around the youthfulness of Australian history and the inhospitableness which characterised early settler life.